are these signs ?

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hi im not too sure if these strange things which are happening are some sort of sign of some sort basically i have varies orniments and their are about 3-4 angel ones which everytime i would put them back to how they were would get turned but each time they would be turned in diffrent ways everytime so i have just kinda ignored that and left them to how they were moved but now other strange things seem to happen like each night i wake up at exactly 3:00 am and im always feeling really hot and sweaty everytime i wake up and then once i can get back to sleep after that happens i always have bad dreams or i can sometimes get sleep paralisis last night i had a dream after all that had happened about my boyfriend being abusive to me and it seemed quite realistic and clear im not sure if this is some sort of warning i have a lot other other weird dreams though also i have dreamt of what i would call evil looking beings and so about 1-2 days ago i woke up in the morning after that and my clock was flashing almost like the batterys were dying but the time was stuck on 3:00 am and the date was the 3rd day of the 3rd month which is almost like 333 however the weird thing about this is this was on the wed night but  today is friday which is the 3rd day of the 3rd month so the date had changed and once i had seen it the clock stopped flashing and started working again but from that time so i took the batterys out and put the back in and its working fine so its not them and this has really freaked me out im not sure what is going on could someone help please ? 

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Hi Peach

I think it would be a good idea to burn some sage, white sage is best you can get it from a spiritual shop, and waft the smoke around yourself and your home, it is brilliant for clearing negative engery, also give your home a good clean and open all the windows, call on Archangel Michael for protection, visualise his protective blue light all round you above your head and below your feet.  You can also say out loud (when no one's listening lol) that whatever it is that maybe causing these things to happen would it please stop as it is getting a bit scary.  

I think if I was you I'd put the angel ornaments in a drawer for a while.  You can also clap your hands in all the corners of your home to clear any stuck energy.  I think the crystals black tourmaline and black obsidian are great for protecting you against negative energies.

I hope some or all of this is of help and I hope things will soon go back to normal for you.

Let us know how you get on, good luck.

Love Seabee xxx

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Hello x

Hello Peach. Seabee has already given you some great advice. Another tip when you go to bed ask Archangel Michael to protect you whilst you sleep and keep away any negative dreams. The smudging should help if you find you are still experiencing any negativity after doing the ritual then seek help from your local spiritualist church and someome will help. On a positive note here are the meanings from the angels to the numbers you keep seeing ;-).

300: The asended masters & God support, surround, protect, and love you and always.

333: you are completley surrounded, ptotected, loved and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.

So before you sleep or when you feel uneasy call on them to help ease you.

I hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

Love Gemini xxx