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lol Lotus123 i could do with

lol Lotus123 i could do with a mini you sitting on my shoulder and telling me off each time i get a negative thought !! :-) x

Lotus 123
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ha ha,  consider it done,

ha ha,  consider it done, onwards and upwards to everyone :}

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I have no idea what the

I have no idea what the universe will think of it but I think of it as being a learning pathway.  I have made some decisions recently that I have kept my eyes wide open for.  I've not done that before. 

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Watched The Secret

Hi everyone, i was just browing around and found this site so decided to join the forum! there is so many nice people on here. i was wondering how many of you not only read the book but also watched the film the secret? i found the movie to quite a thoughtful and profound experience! any way that is just me!

Really glad i found this place!




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Hello and welcome x

Hello and welcome secondchance to the forum, glad you found us, we are all a very friendly and supportive bunch here, im sure you will enjoy it here. I look forward to chatting with you. Love Gemini :') xxx

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I've been learning to focus

I've been learning to focus on what I want.  In addition, I've learned that negative just comes without any help or support.  So my strategy has been to carefully monitor what I watch, listen to, read, and who I am around.  By making sure most of that stuff is positive, I am able to do better at not letting the negative take control of my life.

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Law of attraction

Anyone thats intrested in the Law of attraction/Secret,id love to hear from you.And maybe we can share stories or support each other in the new year!!!Have a happy xmas and fab new year.xxLnL

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finding myself

loved all things spritualy since i was younger this year im wanting to work with the angels to guide me t what i need to do in my work life feel a bit lost not really knowing what my purpose is to do and jst to be a postive and happief person so anyi advice o guidence hopefully i will find it this year xx

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Brilliant thread!

Wow!What a brilliant thread,I have just spend the last hour reading it from start to finish and am amazed at the results some people have had using the LOA to manifest.

I notice that the replies have tailed off a bit and hope that there are still people on here who are interested in this group as I would love to join!Come on lets get this thread buzzing again and use the LOA to make 2012 the best year yet!:)


Next week Im going to buy myself a really beautiful journal to record the things I am grateful for and all of my goals and ambitions for the year ahead.

I am also going to make a vision board,Im sure my old copies of S and D will have lots of inspirational images I can use on it!:)

So the first 3 things I want to manifest are:

1.The ideal job for my partner as he is currently out of work.

2.more money to treat the family

3.A lovely new friend as since I had my kids the old ones have dropped away.


Love and Light


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I have just ordered ask and it is given from amazon

looking forward to it comming now so I can get reading!

I think its funny how some things happen really quickly and others seem to take forever. The last 3 days have been quite funny, talking with my friend about taking the kids bowling again and then the groupon for that day was for the bowling, I have had problems with my interenet security thats now expired and cant get it loaded for new one, and the next days groupon was for 5 years security, and my sister and friend were talking of starting salsa this month, todays is for salsa! thats quick!!!lol


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The Secret, Law of attraction

Yes I am interested in the above and I do believe it is out there, but if I do sort of order something, I do add for the good of all, as a few years ago I really wanted something to workout and I focussed on it so much, well I got it but soon I realised it was not right so since then I am just a bit more careful. It also taught me to understand that there may be things we do want but trust in the universe and we will get them but only if it is right. I would love to hear anyone elses views or experiences on this. Love STxx

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Hi guys I'm newbie and would

Hi guys I'm newbie and would really like to chat to like minded people! At the moment I struggling with the loa as where I live. Any people see to be so negative,doesnthelpthat my partner is quite negative, yet I'm very positive. I have very slowly been removing myself from my negative friends but have found myself quite lonely. Iwaswondering if any of you guys have any tips ectx

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Hello everyone, and also

Hello everyone, and also welcome to the newbies here. I have just been thinking about why it seems like some things manifest faster than others. I have come to think that its because of the mental blocks we have about these things, some of them fear hanging over them. In order to really be successful at cosmic ordering, I think its a real long process that we have to be very committed to, say for instance when you make your decision on what it is you want,, you then have to start working on removing those blocks through meditation, finding time to really love yourself, and accept the mistakes you have made in the past without blaming others, and just be without worry, then read lots of material from people who inspire you, and align yourself with higher frequencies, stay focused no matter what and persist and perservere through it, then you will master the ways in which to be able to manifest.

I have started trying these steps out, but take one thing at a time, and what i have started with is to raise my vibrations everyday by doing dance, as well as using essential oils that i find are uplifting (also you can watch a movie or comedy). Then hopefully I will get a yoga DVD and practice everyday without fail. I think the key thing is to do it daily, maybe you could add some affirmations plus visualisations these help when we are faced with temptations and negativity, you quickly turn the thought around and keep on from where you were. I hope some of this has helped, and good luck to everyone on your journeys. Love and blessings, Crystalblue.

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Hi everyone, hope you are

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. I wanted to share my expereinces with you. I tried out using LOA, and I was successful consecutively four times. But I have since slipped back into my busy schedule and have not followed through the things I tried out, and for that reason things are back to how they are.

I think if we try to persevere, stay determined and keep persisting at it and have lots of patience which could take quite a long time. But I do think it would work out, ohh yes also staying positive is quite crucial to it all. I hoep you continue see results in what you are aiming for. Love and blessings, Crystalblue.

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A nice comment said the other day

About me!

I was quite embarrassed but chuffed too.

As many of you know my husband was in a coma last year and then had to learn to use every muscle in his body again! The bank wanted to repossess our house etc etc.

I remained very positive throughout, trusted the angels etc etc. No one could believe how calm and un-stressed I was.

Well a good friend of ours has been diagnosed with a form of leukimia last week, and whilst talking on the phone to my husband the other day she commented that she was taking a leaf out of MY book and remaining positive, as she couldnt believe how I had coped with everything last year.

I am so glad this has helped someone.

Meanwhile, everything I want is appearing to manifest itself, new home, money, new kitchen, horse trailer, oh and most important a buyer for our house.

Keep going guys, it works.

Blessings and light



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hi,isn`t it just so good to

hi,isn`t it just so good to find like minded people. i`m fascinated by the whole area of manifestation too. i`m also left wondering  as to why some things work so well and others not so well. without a doubt i agree with you that you have to be specfic in your requests and that your request is for the greater good of all. be lovely to hear more of your thoughts.x 

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good news story

My best experience happened just after I had split with my husband, I was at risk of going under financially, I had lost about 2 stone in weight and was very skinny and my self esteem was rock bottom.

I read the secret book and decided that I would cosmic order a new partner.  I wrote in a note online the qualities I was looking for and included as a must have - love my dog and me.  I met my partner soon after although I had known him through work years before we hadn't run into each other despite working in the same building for years. 

We went out, I got myself a second job and now 7 years after that first date we were very happy. And guess what he is Dad to my now very old golden retriever Fergus. I like to think that my call was answered that day

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A couple of years ago I first

A couple of years ago I first discovered the secret and the idea of manifestation and the law of attraction. At the time I was depressed and suicidal, was starving and trying to survive 100 miles from home on student finance and without support from home. 

After a week of keeping positive, doing things that cheered me up, my mother offered to lend me £20, put a tax rebate cheque in the bank for me, for £2989 and started doing better mentally. 

Since then I haven't practised, and as you can imagine, my life isn't going well in certain areas. 

Knowing that it works, how do you guys motivate yourself and battle through depression to help yourself?

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New Year: New Wish Box

Hi everyone, 

I can see this thread has been around for a while, but I just wanted to share a happy moment from today:

I've always been into cosmic ordering, just didn't realise what it was or what it was called, and for as long as I can remember, I've had a little box where I keep special items/positive words/photos/quotes, etc. I also had a vision board in my office, but didn't realise there was a name for that either! There's not really room for a vision board in my new office, so I'm combining my vision board and wish box and bringing the whole lot - home, career, finances, general wellbeing, etc together. 

Anywaaay... I'd been on the lookout for a special box to keep everything in, and I found the prettiest wooden chest/box in The Works of all places. It's actually a set of 2 boxes, one with "Hope" and the other with "Dream" written on them - both bright and colourful with flowers and butterflies on them too. Gorgeous and really sturdy. So I wanted to bring this thread and my little find to  your attention, just in case anyone is thinking of doing something similar. They aren't exactly cheap (£14.99 for the pair) but they're wooden rather than cardboard, so worth a little extra in my opinion. 

I can't work out how to post a photo, but the link to the item online is here (not sure how long they'll be around though as things in that store tend to come and go fairly quickly!)

Happy new year all xx


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Does anyone still use this

Does anyone still use this thread? I am really interested in trying this but am unsure, i will definitely get the book or dvd, just thought it would be nice to share my experiences etc etc.  xxx

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Success in cosmic ordering

Hi all x I just want to revive this thread and post my experiences of cosmic ordering so far I've had 3 sucessful cosmic ordering for new jobs one in 2010, 2011 and now 2016.  I was getting fed up with living in a big city and had experienced 4x road rages when driving to and from work, I think I have been tragetted because I was driving alone and I think 3 of these were crash for cash things because the drivers have braked for no reason at all but so far I managed to avoid crashing into anyone and the Police don't want to know either unless you have a dashcam. I got really fed-up and applied for a job on the Isle of Wight in April this year but I didn't get that job but the job was readvertised at the end of June, I applied and was phoned up by the Operational manager who offered me the job there and then so I've put my notice in and will be starting there in October. I now need to manifest a new car and accommodation...I will be renting my house out to start with but this is after a certain improvements are made as it is an old house so need to cosmic order an improvements loan from the bank. This is so stressful atm as everthing is coming all at once frown

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remove the disbelief

i saw a channelled message and the big thing they said was LOA often doe not work because deep down people really dont believe in it

so for instance if you want a new car, you have to in your mind sit in it, feeel the leather etc, really imagine the experience, but do this every day, thoughts are energy and the universe does respond but the elements of how you do it have to be right