Newbie from the continent

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Hi I'm Luna and I split my time between the UK and Belgium :) Spirit and Destiny is my favorite magazine when I'm homeward bound. I've been reading the tarot for about twenty years now, and have delved into the world of mediumship recently. I look forward to getting to know everyone wink

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Hello Luanasakurano

You are very welcome to the forum.  We are a very supportive helpful group, I am sure you will feel right at home here.  I have done Reiki one and two and interested in all things spiritual.  

look forward to chatting with you.

Love Seabee xxx

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Hello x

Hello and Welcome x

Jump in and leave a message when the mood takes you x 

I also read Tarot not for as long as you have though...but do connect to Spirit also x

Bright Blessings

Claire x