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Okay this is quite long.  Bear with me.  I have a friend who isn't that happily married but has moved on.  Now his ex GF has appeared back on the scene.  She dumped him three times (once after he proposed and twice to run off with his enemy).  She appeared back on the scene c 10 years ago when he was getting married although he was still regarding her as evil at this point and then and five years ago managed to have an affair with him which he broke off.  Since then she has been constantly hanging around.  I can't get it though to him she is no good.  "She's THE one etc"....  Anyway, a month ago he got very drunk and went around to her house - she's had him there previously mending fences, doing the garden etc.  He sat there with her parents drinking wine "it wa all very innocent"  No, it wasn't I said.  How stupid are you?  Also her parents announced they are thinking of buying a house doors away from him.  He can't see how controlling this is.  He's even sorted out her brother's 50th birthday present this week!  I am at my wit's end.  He wants a divorce but doesn't want to leave his house or kids.  So he's hoping his wife leaves and that is not going to happen.  It's like she clicks her fingers, shouts "here boy" and he runs.  She's left him three times and even during the fling she was going on about her ex (the enemy) and saying how fab he is.  My take is she is now older, has nobody and he's the fall back guy.  Can I get this through to him?  I've been trying a banishment spell but TBH it doesn't seem to be making any difference.  Meanwhile he is in a real state and I am getting the brunt of it.  Can anyone suggest a good spell I could use to try and get her away from him once and for all.  All that's going to happen is he will be hurt again and selfishly I can't cope with that.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Girlwithgloves

You are welcome to the forum.  I'm afraid I don't know much about spells except that you can't really interfere with another persons free will which is probably why the banishment spell is not working.  You can advise your friend and try to help him of course but I'm not sure how much further you should go than that.

Hopefully someone else will have more advise, I hope things will work out for the best for your friend.

Love Seabee xxx

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Hello and welcome x

Girlwithgloves to the forum. I agree with what Seabee has said casting spells against someones free will is not good. I feel a spell will make a difference if it was coming from your friend and providing he wanted protection from his ex. The thing is regardless of what you or others think should and should not happen is really for no one to decide for him i don't mean to offend you in anyway and i appreciate you are his friend and trying to help him. But maybe there is a life lesson here that HE needs to learn? Regardless what you or others can see what the outcome will be. All i suggest is be there for him when he need's you to lend an ear. He has to do what HE feel's right to him at the end of the day regardless of the outcome. I hope this helps. Love Gemini xxx